Sample Sunday - back with a vengeance!

Sunday, February 24

Even though I haven't posted a Sample Sunday in a few weeks, I have been diligently working on using up all of my beauty samples. I have seven items total to share my thoughts on today.


 1. Origins High Potency Night-A-Mins mineral enriched renewal cream. - Put dullness to rest. Wake up radiant & refreshed. Now nature's famed night cream is newly fortified with a system of time-released resurfacers plus Vitamins C, E & H, minerals & moisture-rich replenishers. While relaxing aromas lull you to sleep, skin sloughs away dry, dead layers. Deletes dullness. 98% of those who tested it agreed - skin was renewed and refreshed in the AM. Helps the slumber deprived wake up on the bright side of the bed. So why face dull skin. Sleep it off tonight.

Ohhh man, where to start.  This bad boy was my favorite of all the products I tried.  As soon as I put it on I new I would like it.  I woke up with soft and fresh skin. I felt that with use, there would be visible improvement to my skin.  Not to mention, the scent is delicate and not overpowering. A full size is $39.50, which I balked at, at first. Compared to some other face creams I'm reviewing that's not too bad though.

 2. Lumene Vitamin C+ Bright Skin Radiance Nectar with Arctic Cloudberry - Vitamin C and Artic Cloudberry for radiant skin. It strengthens the fluid and micro circulation of the skin, it gently exfoliates wile taking care of the skin's optimal thickness, and minimizes the pores and makes the skin look smooth. The result is clear skin that glows with vitality!

Say Whaaaa? I did not feel or see anything that the product is claiming to do.  It didn't exfoliate, didn't minimize pores, and my skin didn't glow with vitality. The product felt a little sticky when you put it on which I did not like. I didn't see improved results to my skin.  At $21.99, it can stay at the store.

 3. Le Métier de Beauté replenishing daily solution SPF 30 - The emollient formula conditions and hydrates while it nourishes, rejuvenates and detoxifies skin. Replenishing Daily Solution with Syntoc Actif+ Moisture Rich Complex helps replenish the lipid barrier and normalize the skin's moisture content to provide suppleness to the epidermis. 
  • Contains inherent anti-inflammatory properties and the superior ability to reduce redness 
  • Lightweight, glides on easily
  • Moisturizes, conditions, and hydrates skin
  • Soothes and tones complexion 
  • Vitamin E, Aloe, Sodium PCA and Sodium Hyaluronate offer skin deep hydration and softening

LMdB have a lot to say about this paraben free cream!  First off, the sample packet is generous. I got about a week's use from this sample, and I have a few more packets to left.  The reason it lasts so long is because you only need a small amount to use on your whole face.  I don't entirely agree that the formula is lightweight.  Yes, it glides on effortlessly, but, I feel it's a bit heavy, particularly for my oily skin. To compensate, I tried to use as little as possible so I wouldn't get a greasy face.  I don't have redness, so I can't speak to that claim, but supple is the perfect word to describe my skin when using this product.  It's $225, so I don't know that I would pick this up because it is a bit heavy for my face, but if you have dry skin it may be a perfect match for you.

 4. Chantecaille Flower Harmonizing Cream -  
  • A complete moisturizing cream to nourish and cocoon skin against stress.
  • Essential Oils, Seaweed, Vitamins and Flowers reduce inflammation and promote collagen production. 
  • Saccharides soften exceptionally dry skin and provide long-term moisturization. 
  • Edelweiss flower, a powerful antioxidant, provides natural UVA/UVB protection. 
  • 87% natural including a healing base of Pure Rosewater; 
  • Vegan-friendly; Paraben-free
When you put this on, you definitely feel that you're putting a high quality cream on your face...but for me, it sort of stops there.  This cream is made more for people with dry skin, so I don't have much use for it.  It feels nice and leaves my skin feeling soft the next day. If you want a slightly less expensive and more natural alternative to LMdB's Daily Replenishing Solution, at $102, this may be it.

5. Jergens Daily Moisture Dry Skin Moisturizer with Silk Proteins and Citrus Extracts - For long lasting hydration, this moisturizer transforms dry, rough skin into smooth, visibly healthy skin. Enriched with moisturizing silk proteins and a citrus extract blend of lemon, grapefruit and pineapple juices, this formula leaves skin looking and feeling silky and smooth all day long. Dermatologist tested.

I wonk on a lot about how oily my face is, but as oily as my face gets, my legs are the opposite.  If I'm not careful my legs are anywhere from ashy to downright reptilian. Yuck! So, I was pleasantly surprised with this lotion. I usually use thick body butters that leave me feeling kind of greasy. This lotion moisturized my legs without the greasy feeling.  It's only $6.99 for 21oz so it's very affordable.  If I didn't already have too many lotions and body butters to use up, I would purchase this product.
6. Jurlique Purely White Skin Brightening Day Cream with VitaBrightKX - This lightweight cream features VitaBrightKX to help minimise the visible appearance of dark spots and discolourations and improve skin radiance. Rich in powerful natural botanical extracts to help protect against environmental aggressors, while aiding in overall skin wellness. Skin feels hydrated, protected with an even tone and texture.

Hm... I don't really feel anything for this day cream.  I mean, I wanted to like it because I tend to gravitate towards "skin brightening" creams, but, it didn't visibly brighten my skin and I remember it feeling a bit tacky on my face. Of course, I could only get one use out of the sample, so I can't say that my skin wouldn't improve with daily use.  Ultimately, I can't make a determination based on this sample.  A full size is $32 on Amazon, so it is a less expensive day cream than some of the others listed here.
7. Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes - Cleansing Facial Wipes refresh and nourish your skin plus remove waterproof mascara. 
  • Added Vitamin - Pro-Vitamin B5 known to help restore, soften and smooth
  • No alcohol, no oil
  • Non Drying and no greasy residue
  • No dyes
  • No artificial perfume
  • No harsh irritants to upset skin
  • Dermatologist tested, Ophthalmologist tested
  • Safe for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers
  • Hypoallergenic and Non-comedogenic
These wipes are fan favorite and are often mentioned in youtube beauty videos. Honestly, I don't understand the hype.  They are better than other wipes I have tried (like the Yes To line) because they do not leave a greasy film on my face. They serve their purpose in that they clean my face and do not irritate my skin. However, I prefer a facial wipe that is more moist, and I feel my favorite $1 Epielle facial wipes outshine these $6.49 wipes any day of the week.  If you like a drier facial wipe you would like these.

As it turns out, I would pass on buying full sizes of most of the products I tried. Some just don't work for my skin type, and others I feel just, don't work at all.  I'm glad companies provide samples to their customers so we can try the product without investing money in a product that may not be a suitable match for our needs.  Have you tried any of the products mentioned? I'm curious to know if you'd every try any of the products!