Swatch Sunday – Black Rose Minerals

Sunday, April 29

I made my first Black Rose Minerals purchase September of last year.  I was incredibly impressed with how quickly my items were shipped.  My shadows were received within a matter of days – well within the stated turn around time.  I can’t stress how much I love that; long turn around times often deter me from ordering from some companies. 


The items were well packaged (no spillage,) clearly stated the ingredients, whether the item was vegan or not, and what collection it came from.  Also included were samples, stickers, and a handwritten note from Rosa, the owner.  (Above is an example of an order from BRM – I ordered a mystery pack which was comprised of 4 full size shadows!)

I wanted to share swatches of my BRM collection.  Everything is swatched over Urban Decay Primer Potion.  Please feel free to click on any item to view the sparklies better.

Mother Sunflower, Medusa, It’s Electric, and Fly Away.  Fly Away is more of a silvery blue color than the swatch depicts.  It’s Electric is much more punchy and bright in person.

Jessica’s Favorite, Venom, Beloved, and Stark.  Jessica’s Favorite and Venom are similar, but Venom is more blue based than Jessica’s favorite, and has more sparklies.  I want Stark to be a gloss. Can someone get on that request, please?

Blade Runner, Giza, Candy Floss, and Zoidberg. I was surprised to like Zoidberg as much as I do. It’s a wearable fleshy pink color.  It would also look nice as a gloss or balm.

Bender, Dr. Farnsworth, Scruffy, and Lady.  Bender was a dream to apply, as well as Lady.

Titania, Leela, Amy, and Magic. BRM is known for their daring, bright shades, however, I think Rosa has an incredible talent for creating subtle, neutral hues as well.  Take Titania for example – the color is opaque, creamy, subtle sparkle and shift, and the shade is still work friendly.

Burnt, Fry, Vixen, and Harvest. Remember when I said Rosa had a knack for neutrals?  Look at Vixen!  I’ll wait while you swoon over it. :)

Mummy May I, Scabbed Wings, Dusty Trails, and Steele.  Mummy May I is another swoon worthy color.  As is Steele, an homage to Type O Negative.  I should have swatched Steele over Fyrinnae’s Pixie Epoxy, but I don’t think this post could handle the awesome.

Mechanize, Hermes, Insect, Runes, and Magic Potion. Oh, Mechanize…another great neutral.  Insect is too, but I’m a bit squicky about buggy type names.  If you can get past that then this taupish color is for you.  I’d also suggest Hermes.  It is deep matte forest green that will sit well in any collection.

If you asked me what you should order from Black Rose Minerals I’d choose It’s Electric, Stark, Titania, Vixen, Mummy May I, Steele, and Mechanize.

Do you own any Black Rose Minerals in your collection?  What were your favorite shades of the ones you saw above?

Truculent Neptune

Saturday, April 28

I had lunch with the lovely ladies Phyrra, Genia, and Cristina.  We went to my favorite sushi restaurant in Tampa.  I got my usual, 1/2 a volcano roll and spicy conch roll.  I don’t remember every one else’s complete order (Genia did get  lollipop roll, which looked amazing!) Everyone was happy with the food and there was great conversation.

I only had my phone on hand and I am surprised at the difference in the quality of the pictures. (Some were awesome, others...not so much.) Here we go:

4-28 lunch 1
4-28 lunch 2.5 4-28 lunch 2
4-28 lunch 3 4-28 lunch 4

I wanted to follow the advice I got for wearing glasses and make up, which is “More Is More.” I decided to go with a searing bright blue on the eyes and a dark crease.  I didn’t wear eyeliner because I would have lost some lid space, and I needed as much to show as possible.  I kept the rest of my face fairly neutral.  I had lipstick on in the first picture, but after having lunch and going shopping with the ladies, it totally wore off, so the last two pictures are of my natural lip tone.

Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy
Aromaleigh - Neptune
Aromaleigh - Mosmordre
Aromaleigh - Milky Way
Linnaeus Cosmetics - Truculent
YBF brow pencil - Universal Taupe

NARS Conealer - Caramel
Tarte Amazonian Clay full coverage balancing foundation - Tan

Laura Gellar Balance and Brighten - Tan
MAC - Sunday Afternoon

MAC - Freckletone
MAC - See Sheer

Nail polish

Butter London - Cheeky Chops

Purple bracelet – this Ebay seller
Multi-color bracelet – Nicaraguan vendor

Are you planning anything fun for this weekend?

Nordstrom Trend Show Spring 2012 Pt 2

Wednesday, April 18

After we canceled our appointments with Chanel, I went to the MAC counter to try out Nicki Minaj’s lipstick. I ended up getting wrangled into a makeover. I asked for bright colors, but the MUA way over-blended and I ended up with muddy colors and a terrible lavender blush that made me look ashy.  I wasn't happy with my makeover at all, but was trying to think positively and have a good attitude about it.

Meanwhile Phyrra was at NARS getting her make up done by Manny, the awesome presenter for NARS. After he was done I asked if I could try Schiap which I had seen earlier and fell in LOVE with.  By that point (after seeing how amazing Phyrra's makeover was) I caved and asked Manny if he could remove all of my makeup and fix me up.

I wanted the focal point to be around Schiap. Seriously, if I could marry a lipstick, it would be Schiap.  It is a bright BOLD pink, right on trend with spring.  I waited a while and then got my makeover by Manny, and had my palm read by Brenda, another NARS MUA.  (It was uncanny how spot on it was.)

I can't remember the shades of all of the eyeshadows he used on me, but I will definitely find out and purchase them all.  Manny’s makeover made my day. He’s one of the most personable and talented MUA I’ve met. After our experience with Chanel he was truly a breath of fresh air.




After we left the event, I went to my family’s house to show off and take pictures.  The lighting is 1000xs better than at my own home.


This is my “how many times do you have to take my picture before you come up with a good one” face. I’m wearing a green lace cardi many seasons ago from Torrid, and a dress that is no longer on their website. The shoes are from Famous Footwear, and my bag is from Etsy, a seller called Morelle, who sadly is taking a hiatus.



Now for my beauty blogger secret – I didn’t own any NARS prior to Saturday.  I did come home with enough to whet my appetite.  I picked up the concealer in Caramel, the lipstick Schiap, the lipgloss Palace Vendome, and their blush in Desire. My GWP was a cute bag with their ProPrime eyeshadow base, and Super Orgasm blush.  So far I have loved all the products I have and will certainly be buying more NARS in the future!

Have you ever attended a beauty related event?  If you haven’t, I encourage you to ask around your favorite department stores.  It is well worth it to experience a day of pampering and excitement. :)

Nordstrom Trend Show Spring 2012 Pt 1

Tuesday, April 17

So by now you have probably already read Phyrra’s awesome recaps of the Nordstrom Trend Show.  The Nordstrom Trend Show is a yearly event in which they host a fashion show and multiple companies come out and talk about their product, and in many cases give away free items or samples, and have good deals if you choose to buy something.  You also can schedule a free makeover, and the price of your ticket goes towards your purchase.

So, I got a call from the Chanel counter inviting me.  I assume they had my number in the system from when I purchased my Vitalumier Aqua foundation (BR50) and the Poudre Universelle Compacte (140 Muscade.)  I knew immediately I wanted to go and Phyrra was the first person I thought of going with.  I called her and she said she’d go with me.

I’ve only been to one trend show before, a number of years ago. I didn’t go to the fashion part of it, but I remember getting an awesome makeover by Smashbox.  This time, I wanted to take full advantage of everything the Trend Show had to offer.

We woke up super early and arrived at Nordstrom’s around 7:30. The place was already packed with women eager to go inside the store.  They offered a continental breakfast and you filled out a card that would go into a raffle box for gifts from the companies at the show.  They also encouraged live tweeting the event and said they’d give some tweeple gifts as well.

1 056

The show had so many companies there! Clarisonic, Philosophy, Strivectin, Dior, Dr. Dennis Gross skincare, Clarins, Trish McEvoy, NARS, Thierry Mugler, Lancome, Smashbox, Osmotics Cosmeceuticals, Chanel, MAC, Laura Mercier, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Butter London, Chantecaille, and Bobbi Brown.

After the fashion show portion we decided to grab a leisurely lunch since our makeover appointments were at 2:30.  We also just sat down to chat and enjoy the day. Here’s a view of he skylight which I thought looked pretty.  And doesn’t that bread look delectable?!

2 4

We tried to get in a bit early to the Chanel counter, but to be honest, the manager was a jerk.  I had an unpleasant experience with her when I bought my foundation but I thought it was just her.  Turns out her entire staff is like that. I just don’t understand the snooty attitude. I could go easily spend over $100 elsewhere. We decided to cancel our makeovers there. I wanted something super bright and bold and knew Chanel couldn’t deliver.

We just walked around trying out the different counters. We got a facial by Clarisonic, and I had my nails painted by Butter London’s new creative director Marci.  I had no idea Butter London had a new creative director.  I am waiting anxiously to see what Marci comes up with.  She has big shoes to fill with Noni.  Butter London was having a buy 2 get 1 free sale and so I picked up a few shades – Blagger, Primrose Hill Panic, Cheeky Chops, and Jaffa was my GWP.  I also bought my holy grail lip conditioner by Shiseido (who were not part of the event but reaping the benefits of so many women at the event!)


I didn’t intentionally mean to copy Phyrra’s post format, but I didn’t realize just how much information there was to cover!  I really don’t like overloading posts with pictures…I don’t know how to do a cut in blogger, and I’m afraid people will just gloss over it. So, with that said, I’ll post the makeover portion next!

FOTD–Catatonic Rose

Friday, April 6

I wanted to create a quick and easy monochromatic look for this week’s weekly make up challenge in the NTMS group.  I failed in creating the look because the colors I used didn’t turnout monochromatic at all, but I liked the look I came up with regardless.

Catatonic Rose 7

I noticed purple was a running theme in the monochromatic look, so I wanted to try something different and go with a golden or coral color.  I used Aromaleigh Tigrilla as an all over lid color. Tigrilla is a gorgeous light golden orange shade with a stunning green duochrome.  I put Persephone Minerals’ bright Venus Crystal Power in the center, and Sailor Venus in the outer V. Sailor Venus is a deeper golden color that I thought would help solidify the look.  I couldn’t ignore Tigrilla’s green duochrome though, so I used Meow Cosmetic’s Feliner in Catatonic on the lower lash line.  I think it really helped ground the look and pull it together.

I recently received Sleek’s Rose Gold blush in a CP and was anxious to try it out.  It didn’t really go with the shadow, so I added a bit of Rose Gold to the inner corner of the eye to bring it together.  I also added some Tigrilla to the cheek bone as a highlight.  I promise the shadow wasn’t as strong in real life as it is coming off in the pictures.  For foundation I wore both Chanel Vitalumier Aqua and Tarte’s Amazonian Clay foundation. I wore MAC’s Vegas Volt on my lips, but the color didn’t exactly match the rest of my face, so I put on a coat of Watch Me Simmer over top to make it more rosy. It still didn’t look right, so I took the smallest bit of Tigrilla and added it to the center of my lips so it would be a more cohesive look overall.

Catatonic Rose 1

Catatonic Rose 2

Catatonic Rose 5

Catatonic Rose 3

Catatonic Rose 4

Catatonic Rose 6

While the look isn’t monochromatic at all, I really thought it came together really well.  I was a bit self-conscious at first; I haven’t worn the Sailor Venus collection from Persephone Minerals too often because I thought the colors would be hard to pull off with my skin tone, but I am glad to see that they didn’t look garish on me.  I even was complimented by our waitress at dinner tonight.  I was also really taken with the green duochrome from Tigrilla.  I certainly wasn’t expecting it, but it was so unique. & Meow’s Catatonic is really just a gorgeous bright green that everyone needs in their collection.

What is the most daring combination of colors you have worn on your face recently?

MAC Reel Sexy

Thursday, April 5

I put myself on a no-buy last week and promptly broke it with the release of MAC’s Reel sexy collection. 

I wanted to pick up Watch Me Simmer because I’d missed out on it from the its last release.  I also picked up my first really purple lipstick, Heroine, and Reel Sexy which reminds me of Lime Crime’s Cosmopop.  I don’t own Cosmopop, so I can’t say if they are dupes or not, but for whatever reason I kept associating Reel Sexy as a Cosmopop dupe.

I don’t know if anyone else does this, but I always have to try on my lipsticks as soon as I get home.  It doesn’t matter what I am wearing at the time, I have to wipe my lips and try out what I bought.  Even if I already swatched them in the store, it is not the same as trying it on at home in front of your own mirror.


Heroine is described as a bright magenta purple.  It certainly is bright!  The only other purple I own is Musky Amethyst.  That is definitely on the red side.  There is no denying Heroine is purple!  I know a lot of ladies on twitter who love purple lipsticks.  My MAC sales associate was also an avid purple lover and really pushed this shade on me, which was fine because I wanted to try something fun and different.  I’m curious to see how the purple will wear on me.


Reel Sexy is described as a light bright coral.  Temptalia’s site described it as a peach-orange. It reminds me of a creamsicle.  Blotted down you can hardly tell it is on me.  My MAC sales associate said it would pop so much against my skin in the summertime when I’m tanned.  I do always get tan in the summer, so I decided to pick it up.


Watch Me Simmer is a bright pink orange.  It photographs so beautifully!  I think I am just more at home wearing pinks or oranges which is why I gravitated to this color.  I can definitely see myself wearing this color a lot this year.  (By the way, don’t mind the outfit and hair changes…I normally wear a tank top at home when I work, and I didn’t realize how awful I looked with my hair up :p yikes!)

ELF - eyelid primer
Wet n' Wild - Sweet as Candy trio

Tarte Amazonian Clay full coverage balancing foundation - Tan

MAC MSF - Blonde

MAC - Heroine
MAC - Reel Sexy
MAC - Watch Me Simmer

I would say Watch Me Simmer is definitely my favorite of the three. Did you pick up anything from the Reel Sexy MAC collection?