Happy Leap Day!

Wednesday, February 29

Happy Leap Day to any 30 Rock fans! In honor of this special day I wore blue and yellow. I hope you did too!

I wore this look to a doggy play date. It was hot outside today so by the end of the day I felt like my make-up was fading a bit. It must have all been in my head though; I looked in the mirror when I got home and I experienced no creasing or wear aside from my lip color fading a little.

yellow look 4

yellow look 2

yellow look 3

On my face today:

Sugarpill - Goldilux - on the lid
Brazen - Alluring in the crease
Wet n' Wild - Walking on Eggshells browbone color
Stila - Smudge Stick in Peacock
Maybelline - Lash Stiletto in very black

YBF (Your Best Friend) Automatic Eyebrow Pencil - Universal Taupe

NARS - Sheer Matte Syracuse Med/Dark 1
MAC - Prolongwear Concealer NW 30
Smashbox - concealer in 5

Smashbox blush - Radiance
MAC MSF - Glissade

MAC - Freckletone
MAC – Flamingo

Did you wear anything special on “leap day?”

More MAC lippies

Monday, February 6

I’m always looking to buy more MAC lipsticks.  I find swiping some lipstick on my face is the easiest thing I can do when I am rushing out the front door.  I love MAC’s longwearing formula and mid-range price tag.

Of course I love to bargain hunt so I went to a few CCO stores last month in search of some MAC lippies.  I also shopped at Larie’s (Eyeheartit) blog sale, and hit up the MAC store in town.

I bought MAC’s Speed Dial and Freckletone lipsticks from Larie. I bought Phlox and Strawberry Blonde at a CCO. I bought Flamingo and It’s a Wow at my local MAC store. 

Flamingo is the such a lovely shade for spring. I can’t apply too many layers without it looking off, but a few swipes and I’m ready to go for a walk in the park.  Freckletone is my new favorite nude. I have been wearing this a lot.  Phlox…ah my one dud of the bunch.  It looks so pretty in the tube but it’s a glaze and like a glaze, you can’t see it exists. I included a picture in direct sunlight so you can see the sparklies. Its pretty but there is no color payoff.  Speed Dial on the other hand..whoa! What a pretty, girlie pink!





It’s a wow is perfect over Flamingo, but I have also put Tour de Fabulous over Flamingo with equally successful results. Strawberry Blonde is just so pretty and shimmery and can stand alone over bare lips.

Now that I have written this blog post I remembered that I forgot to include my Tour de Fabulous lipglass.  I’ll have to include Tour de Fabulous in another post, because it is (along with Freckletone and Flamingo) definitely one of my favorite lippies for spring. I am finding myself reaching towards one of these three shades all the time.

What are you gravitating towards this spring?