Dupe Alert! Butter London and Essie

Thursday, October 4

I was reading Jessi's comment (of Lacquered, Painted, and Polished) on my muted Easter egg mani post.  She said she did not have anything in her collection that looked similar to the shade Sprog.  I gave that more thought and looked back to my collection.  I thought I had at least one similar color to Sprog.  I ended up finding a dupe, but not in the way you would expect.
The two polishes on the left are dupes.  Sadly the least expensive item is not available for sale anymore.  This makes the more expensive shade, Butter London Sprog, the dupe for the unavailable polish.

Essie partnered up with Tom's in April as part of A Day Without Shoes. I covered that post, complete with a mani if you care to read about that cause.  Essie created the shade Barefoot in Blue exclusively for Tom's and it was distributed for free.  I was fortunate enough to get a bottle, but a lot of people were not able to get their hands on Barefoot in Blue.
Essie Barefoot in Blue and Butter London Sprog ended up being duplicates.  I also added Essie Bikini So Teeny and Essie Cocktail Bling hoping they would be similar as well, so as to provide a more affordable dupe.  As you can see, Bikini So Teeny is more bright.  Cocktail Bling leans darker and more gray.
 If you want to be picky, Sprog is a shade darker than Barefoot in Blue, but in my opinion, they are similar enough to be called dupes.

Normally I try to provide cheaper alternatives to more expensive polishes.  In this case, the more expensive polish is the dupe for the sold out/unavailable Essie polish.  If you really wanted Essie Barefoot in Blue and were not able to get your hands on it, Butter London Sprog is your next best option.

Do you have a color similar to Sprog? Maybe there is a cheaper dupe for Butter London Sprog out there!