Nail of the day - Did it on 'em

Friday, August 10

This nail of the day features another green nail polish from a Spring 2012 collection.  This time it's from OPI, it is Did it on 'em, from the Nicki Minaj collection.

Did it on 'em is a light to medium, lime green creme. It is super bright in the bottle. I for sure thought this would be a neon.  It disappoints in person.  The formula is a bit watery and requires at least 3-4 coats to be fully opaque.

I took a flash picture indoors and it looks awesome.  I just wish that it would look that way without the help of flash.
On my accent nail I have Essie Shine of the Times.  I do think Shine of the Times compliments the color beautifully.
I'm not sure of what I think of the name of the polish either.  I mean....the name is tame compared to the lyrics.  It's definitely not for children.  Here are some lyrics:
All these b#%tches is my sons
and I'ma go and get some bibs for 'em
a couple formulas, little pretty lids on 'em
If i had a d#%ck, I would pull it out and p#%ss on 'em

Would you wear this polish?