Blogger Gloss Swatches by Darling Girl Cosmetics

Thursday, August 9

Not too long ago I saw a conversation between Mai, Cait, and Susan on Twitter.  Susan was creating custom lip glosses for both ladies.  When Susan asked if anyone else wanted a custom color made for them, I quickly jumped at the opportunity.  Initially I didn't have anything specific in mind, but then I remembered there was a .gif on Tumblr that I really loved, and wanted to see translated into a lipgloss. (See below.)  Susan asked me a few questions, and then began to formulate the shade.

What we came up with I quickly named Judikins.  Judikins is a nickname my friend Leslie came up with for me almost 10 years ago!  Leslie was one of my first online friends.  We became friends through a love of Bjork and web design.  I was hosted on her site for a while before I started coding my own websites.  I love my nickname.  I wish the name was available on blogspot.  I would have snapped it up in a heartbeat!  I'm excited that Susan was able to create a gloss that I feel embodied the name and my personality: bubbly, fun, and, feminine.


The official description for Judikins is "Sheer plum with multi-colored holo-shimmer."  Judikins shifts color depending on the angle.  In some angles it is leans pink.  In other angles it is a sheer plum.  And true to the .gif it is modeled after, there are plenty of sparkles to go around.  There is no such thing as too much sparkle. ;-) 

Below I'm including arm swatches of all of the colors, as well as lip swatches.  I'll mention right now, I hate lip swatches.  I can never get them to look identical, but this collection warranted them, so here we go.

Makeup Junkie is quite a unique color. It is described as a "Milky lilac pink with pink and lavender holo-shimmer."It is exactly how it is described.  It is very milky.  On my pigmented lips it is hard to apply smoothly.  The shimmer is also very subtle. 

Rach is described as a "Vibrant Magenta with a strong blue shift."  I really, really like this.  Blue based pinks tend to work well on me.  This applied very opaque and was not sticky or gritty at all.

Rock, Roll, Glam! is described as "Bold red orange with just a delicate touch of gold pearl." Wow, this shade is BOLD.  Much like Rach, it is very opaque.  It is the most opaque of the collection.  The color goes on buttery smooth and is just perfect for a night out.

McSwatchy is " "Soft golden berry with loads of gold and pink holo-sparkle."  Holy moly.   Cait should get into the cosmetics business.  McSwatchy is pretty much perfect.  It looks like someone dipped a strawberry into a vat of sheer golden liquid and then blew shimmer on it gently.  It's just so pretty and ethereal.

Mai is a "cherry red with a golden flakie."  That is a simple description for a complex lip gloss. Mai's description and the inspiration behind the gloss is so beautiful.  I love that she tied in her Vietnamese heritage to the gloss and made something meaningful for herself, and to share with others.  The color is red based and the yellow shimmer makes it positively glow.  When it catches in the light it reflects as more of an orange base even though it's red. I love complex colors like this.  It certainly is beautiful.

That's it for the blogger glosses.  It is definitely a special collection, as varied, complex, special and beautiful as the women who created them.  Many thanks to Susan for taking the time to make us such special glosses!

Do you see any glosses that you like?  If you could create your own gloss what would it look like?

Disclaimer: I received these items for consideration. All opinions are my own.