Nail of the day: Nude to whom?

Friday, July 20

I never tried the mannequin hands look when it was popular, although it did pique my interest.  It wasn't for lack of desire; it was because I couldn't find a nude shade that matched.  In my opinion, the nude nail trend is somewhat biased.  The shade spectrum leans towards lighter shades. This made it challenging to find my nude shade.  Nude, yes, but to whom?

I browsed a lot of nail blogs and Naked by Deborah Lippmann was recommended many times.  Last year I decided to redeem Birch Box points and get Naked.

It is a neutral tone - a creamy beige to be exact.  I can see how it would work well on many people.  For me, however, it fell short of my expectations.  It is simply too light to look natural on me. Behold:

It is a lovely shade, don't get me wrong. it just looks...ill fitting on me.  Like trying out a bra that's a band size too small.  I could make it work, but it makes me feel uncomfortable.

It looks better with indoor light (above) but it isn't color accurate.  It doesn't help that I recently trimmed and reshaped my nails to their natural round state.  (I prefer the aesthetics of squared nails.)

The thing about trends is that they don't always work for everyone.  Naked is pretty, it just isn't for me.