Nail of the day: Half moon over Key West

Monday, July 30

I love the look of squared shaped nails. I think manicures look prettier with the angular features.  Before I cut and reshaped mine I tried a half moon manicure with two Milani polishes: Milani High Speed Fast Dry nail polish in 22 White on the Spot and 09A Key West.

First I painted White on the Spot as my base.  Once that was dry I added Key West over top.  I used Key West all over for the accent nail.  I finished off with a coat of Seche Vite over top and called it a day.

It's a simple manicure, not fussy at all.  i think it looks prettier with the squared off shape.  I'm currently trying to re-grow them so I can shape them this way again.

I know some ladies play with the length and shape of their nails.  Do you prefer one shape or length over another?