Guerlain and Champagne

Saturday, July 28

This past Wednesday I was invited to an event held at Neiman Marcus Orlando.  The event was called Guerlain and Champagne.  Neiman Marcus and Guerlain wanted to show the Beauty Bloggers of Central Florida Guerlain's Fall 2012 lineup.  

The event was a more intimate set up this time.  The group was smaller, and the focus was solely on Guerlain.  We got much face to face time with the brand representatives.  They started the night by offering us champagne and chocolate covered strawberries.  We were given a short test to fill out, to find out if we were a Femme Fatale or a Femme D'Amour.  The femme fatale is embodied by hot and soulful, sultry reds.  The femme d'amour is the softer and more romantic side that is characterized by sweet and pretty ethereal pinks.  The femme fatale and femme d'amour are the basis of the two color palettes created for this release.

With this release, all of the colors are being added to the permanent collection, sans the two glosses - Kiss Kiss Gloss.  The Kiss Kiss Glosses were created to compliment both collections.  Another thing that has changed with this collection are the blushes and lipsticks.  The blushes got an overhaul, and the lipsticks are being released in a compact with a mirror.

Neiman Marcus in Orlando is having a mega event soon, the week of Aug 6.  They are pre-selling the collections, and if you purchase $350 of merchandise, they are offering a limited edition brush set worth $250.  Also if you make an appointment for a facial you'll receive a miniature of Guerlain's iconic Shalimar.

Phyrra, Kimberly, and I just so happened to receive a history lesson in Shalimar just prior to the event via the wonderful and amazing brand representative for Tom Ford.  (Perfume Shrine has a comprehensive history of the perfume that is fascinating, if you care to read.)

I believe most people will be excited to try the new lipsticks, the Guerlain Rouge G L’Extrait.  It is a liquid lipstick that dries to a nearly matte finish.  The lipsticks are spot on with the matte trend for this fall.  There are seven being released.  They coincide with the seven deadly sins.

Avarice (Greed - neutral beige), Colère (Wrath - red), Envie (Envy - stunning orange), Gourmandise (Gluttony - a deep berry),Luxure (Lust - brown), Orgueil (Pride - a plum shade), Paresse (Sloth - pink)

I tried Avarice first, but it matches my skin tone too closely, so you couldn't see I had anything on.  The second color I tried was Orgueil.  People tend to like berries on me; I'm still not sold on them but I obliged because everyone seemed to want me to try that one on.

The beautiful Ali from NiftyBa looks amazing in Paresse. By the way, image credit to 99% of the pictures go to her! :)

Guerlain also provided us with an adorable white and heart box with heart lips.  Inside were samples as a token of gratitude. The Guerlain Rouge G L’Extrait retails for $48 and will be available for pre-sale the week of August 6 at Neiman Marcus Orlando.

If you took the test, do you think you'd be  Femme Fatale or a Femme D'Amour?