Nail of the day: Butter London Wallis

Monday, July 30

In my last post I mentioned liking the look of squared off nails. I'm not sure if there is a more proper name for them.  I know some people call them "squoval." I've tried squoval and round, but I'm not adventurous enough to try out the "stiletto" style.  I think it's because I can't keep long nails either.  In these pictures I'm trying to rock the "they weren't actually long enough to re-shape, but I'm gonna try and square them off anyway" look.  So er, sorry for my funky nails, y'all. :<

At my first Beauty Bloggers of Central Florida meet-up the girls had a make-up/nail polish swap.  In that swap I picked up this gem: Butter London Wallis. I couldn't believe this pretty little polish made it to the swap pile, but I am glad it did. The color is a molten greenish-gold. It's hard to describe, and is more complex than the photos below show.

In these photos I have been wearing this color for a few days.  You can see the tip wear as well as the new growth.  Other than the minor tip wear, the polish itself has performed beautifully.  I know I can get a few more days wear out of this at least before needing to remove it.

You can purchase Butter London at Butter London,  Ulta, and Nordstrom for $14.

Do you like this polish? If not, what shades do you gravitate towards?