Swatch Sunday – Black Rose Minerals

Sunday, April 29

I made my first Black Rose Minerals purchase September of last year.  I was incredibly impressed with how quickly my items were shipped.  My shadows were received within a matter of days – well within the stated turn around time.  I can’t stress how much I love that; long turn around times often deter me from ordering from some companies. 


The items were well packaged (no spillage,) clearly stated the ingredients, whether the item was vegan or not, and what collection it came from.  Also included were samples, stickers, and a handwritten note from Rosa, the owner.  (Above is an example of an order from BRM – I ordered a mystery pack which was comprised of 4 full size shadows!)

I wanted to share swatches of my BRM collection.  Everything is swatched over Urban Decay Primer Potion.  Please feel free to click on any item to view the sparklies better.

Mother Sunflower, Medusa, It’s Electric, and Fly Away.  Fly Away is more of a silvery blue color than the swatch depicts.  It’s Electric is much more punchy and bright in person.

Jessica’s Favorite, Venom, Beloved, and Stark.  Jessica’s Favorite and Venom are similar, but Venom is more blue based than Jessica’s favorite, and has more sparklies.  I want Stark to be a gloss. Can someone get on that request, please?

Blade Runner, Giza, Candy Floss, and Zoidberg. I was surprised to like Zoidberg as much as I do. It’s a wearable fleshy pink color.  It would also look nice as a gloss or balm.

Bender, Dr. Farnsworth, Scruffy, and Lady.  Bender was a dream to apply, as well as Lady.

Titania, Leela, Amy, and Magic. BRM is known for their daring, bright shades, however, I think Rosa has an incredible talent for creating subtle, neutral hues as well.  Take Titania for example – the color is opaque, creamy, subtle sparkle and shift, and the shade is still work friendly.

Burnt, Fry, Vixen, and Harvest. Remember when I said Rosa had a knack for neutrals?  Look at Vixen!  I’ll wait while you swoon over it. :)

Mummy May I, Scabbed Wings, Dusty Trails, and Steele.  Mummy May I is another swoon worthy color.  As is Steele, an homage to Type O Negative.  I should have swatched Steele over Fyrinnae’s Pixie Epoxy, but I don’t think this post could handle the awesome.

Mechanize, Hermes, Insect, Runes, and Magic Potion. Oh, Mechanize…another great neutral.  Insect is too, but I’m a bit squicky about buggy type names.  If you can get past that then this taupish color is for you.  I’d also suggest Hermes.  It is deep matte forest green that will sit well in any collection.

If you asked me what you should order from Black Rose Minerals I’d choose It’s Electric, Stark, Titania, Vixen, Mummy May I, Steele, and Mechanize.

Do you own any Black Rose Minerals in your collection?  What were your favorite shades of the ones you saw above?