Nordstrom Trend Show Spring 2012 Pt 2

Wednesday, April 18

After we canceled our appointments with Chanel, I went to the MAC counter to try out Nicki Minaj’s lipstick. I ended up getting wrangled into a makeover. I asked for bright colors, but the MUA way over-blended and I ended up with muddy colors and a terrible lavender blush that made me look ashy.  I wasn't happy with my makeover at all, but was trying to think positively and have a good attitude about it.

Meanwhile Phyrra was at NARS getting her make up done by Manny, the awesome presenter for NARS. After he was done I asked if I could try Schiap which I had seen earlier and fell in LOVE with.  By that point (after seeing how amazing Phyrra's makeover was) I caved and asked Manny if he could remove all of my makeup and fix me up.

I wanted the focal point to be around Schiap. Seriously, if I could marry a lipstick, it would be Schiap.  It is a bright BOLD pink, right on trend with spring.  I waited a while and then got my makeover by Manny, and had my palm read by Brenda, another NARS MUA.  (It was uncanny how spot on it was.)

I can't remember the shades of all of the eyeshadows he used on me, but I will definitely find out and purchase them all.  Manny’s makeover made my day. He’s one of the most personable and talented MUA I’ve met. After our experience with Chanel he was truly a breath of fresh air.




After we left the event, I went to my family’s house to show off and take pictures.  The lighting is 1000xs better than at my own home.


This is my “how many times do you have to take my picture before you come up with a good one” face. I’m wearing a green lace cardi many seasons ago from Torrid, and a dress that is no longer on their website. The shoes are from Famous Footwear, and my bag is from Etsy, a seller called Morelle, who sadly is taking a hiatus.



Now for my beauty blogger secret – I didn’t own any NARS prior to Saturday.  I did come home with enough to whet my appetite.  I picked up the concealer in Caramel, the lipstick Schiap, the lipgloss Palace Vendome, and their blush in Desire. My GWP was a cute bag with their ProPrime eyeshadow base, and Super Orgasm blush.  So far I have loved all the products I have and will certainly be buying more NARS in the future!

Have you ever attended a beauty related event?  If you haven’t, I encourage you to ask around your favorite department stores.  It is well worth it to experience a day of pampering and excitement. :)