Aromaleigh EOTD

Monday, September 26


Aromaleigh was one of my first indie purchases.  I bought a few shadows earlier this year and fell in love with them.  They are just so complex!!  There are so few indies I can say match AL in quality.  So when I heard Miss K came back to clear the rest of her inventory, I couldn’t help myself and placed a number of orders on her new website Dormant Dream.  

The other day I decided to throw on some of her shadows so my face wouldn’t look so bare.  You don’t need to do much to make these shadows stand out.  Here’s what I came up with in a few minutes.

Aromaleigh – Tethys – on lid

Aromaleigh – Love’s Easy Tears – swept widely in the crease
Aromaleigh – Celestial – on the brow bone



It was incredibly difficult to capture the sparkles due to poor lighting and an unsteady hand.  I wish my photography skills could do these shades justice!  You can click on the pictures to enlarge, they show more detail than the thumbnails.

Are you a fan of Aromaleigh?  If so let me know which shades you like best! :)

MAC lip product round up!

Sunday, September 11

I’ve been wanting to do a MAC lipstick swatch post since I started my blog.  MAC is a company I have only started using since I got back into makeup earlier this year.  I think my MAC collection can definitely use more lipsticks, but I feel I have a solid range of colors that represent my tastes well. 

Last week I picked up three more lipsticks and decided it was as good a time as any to make a swatch post.  I may revisit this at a later date when my collection has grown some more.  I also want this here as a point of reference for myself since I do have more pigmented lips, especially my top lip. Lipstick colors tend to morph on me, especially once they’ve been there for a while.

I’m not 100% satisfied with the swatches; the weather was cloudy and the lighting wasn’t great so some of the colors are not as vibrant as they are in real life. I’ve learned that swatching is a lot harder than it looks!

For reference here are my bare lips.0 - Naked Lips

Below is Honeylove. This is a matte and very unforgiving on my lips.1 - Honeylove

This is See Sheer. When I asked for a coral shade this lipstick was recommended twice by two different people.2 - See Sheer

I asked for a more slightly more coral shade and they recommended Crosswires.3 - Crosswires

Here is another coral recommendation, Vegas Volt.4 - Vegas Volt

I bought Surprise Me at a CCO without trying it first. Have you spotted a trend yet? 5 - Surprise Me

Gem of Roses is described as a mid tone pink. On me it is a rosy nude. My lips but better.6- Gem of Roses

This is One of a Kind. I do not find it true to its name, so it doesn’t get much use right now.7 - One of a Kind

I missed out on Candy Yum Yum, so I bought Girl About Town. This wears more purple on me, especially once the color has time to settle.

8 - Girl About Town

Ruby Woo is the only red I feel comfortable wearing. 9 - Ruby Woo

Described as a vivid pinkish-purple, Rebel thankfully leans more pink on me. This is one of the colors that just would NOT photograph well for me. It is definitely more intense in real life. 10 - Rebel

Oh Musky Amethyst. I want to like you so much. But I don’t feel comfortable in dark colors or purples, and you are both. My friends seem to like you though, so I keep you around, hoping I will wear you when the weather cools down.11 - Musky Amethyst

Style Minx might be one of my best purchases. I bought it during a blog sale with no regrets. 12 - Style Minx

I love layering Big Kiss over some of my coral shades.

13 - Big Kiss

Strange Potion does well as a standalone lipglass.14 - Strange Potion

Flashmode was recommended as a great, sparkling layering gloss.15 - Flashmode

Lap of Luxury wears very purple on me.  I think it will do well layered over Musky Amethyst during winter.16 - Lap of Luxury

Extra Amps…wow! I can’t believe the sparklies on this one! :D17 - Extra Amps

Boy Bait is very subdued, almost milky on me. I like it when I want to wear something on my lips that is understated.

18 - Boy Bait

Do you own any of the same MAC lip products? Which are your faves?